Discover a Pain-Free and Non-Invasive Treatment So You Can Regain Sexual Function and Take Back Control of Your Life With S-Wave Therapy

Did you know?

Erectile Dysfunction affects men of all ages…

  • 39% of men are affected at age 40
  • 50% of diabetic men are affected
  • 67% of men are affected by age 70


And for many years they’ve had to rely on prescriptions or invasive surgery to address the issue. Until now! Introducing S.-Wave Therapy

How Does it work?
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S-Wave Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that sends acoustic waves through the surface of the skin. These waves stimulate targeted tissue which create increased blood flow, break up plaque and form new blood vessels. stimulates growth factors and stem cell mobility in the penile tissue.
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The body then responds by sending growth factors and mobilize stem cells.  It’s similar to exercise, our bodies create stronger healthier muscle fiber once we’ve encouraged them to grow through proper exercise.
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S-Wave Therapy ultimately “regenerates” penile tissue and helps restore sexual function as well as improve performance. In addition, because S-Wave Therapy treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction, the results are long-lasting and require no further use of pharmaceuticals.
Who does it work for?
S-Wave Therapy will help the majority of men who struggle with erectile dysfunction to restore full or partial sexual performance. However, there are no guarantees it will perform equally on all men.
In a study done of twenty men with erectile dysfunction, over three-quarters of them saw improvement in sexual performance and blood flow to the penis, which is amazing!