Stem Cell Therapy


So what is stem cell therapy?

Whether you have read about stem cell therapy in the news or heard about the amazing benefits of the therapy from a friend, it has definitely been the topic of many conversations recently. Stem cell therapy is part of the new larger branch of medicine called Regenerative Medicine.  The purpose of Regenerative Medicine is to create living tissue to replace or repair damaged or diseased tissue; with stem cells being the vehicle to create healthy tissues.

So what are stem cells exactly?

Quite simply, they are the “base” cell in your body. Stem cells have the unique characteristic called transdifferentiation.  That is, stem cells have the potential to develop into other types of cells.  Stem cells work to develop and repair the body. Their incredible ability to reproduce combined with transdifferentiation makes stem cells powerful healing cells.

Faster Healing

Stem cell therapy or regenerative therapy is the process of healing injured or damaged area by injecting stem cells into those areas in an effort to enhance your body’s natural healing process. These cells assist the healing process to work faster and create healthy cells that can then reproduce. This stimulates your natural healing ability as the stem cells divide, creating new healthy tissue that replaces the damaged tissue.  As the healthy tissue becomes more abundant, the joint heals, and your pain and discomfort decrease.

Many patients have reported an immediate reduction in their pain as the cells replace the damaged tissue with healthy cells that genuinely fix the issue. After years of studying stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine, to learn about its safety, effectiveness, and many uses, Dr. Ian Hollaman DC concluded that Stem Cell Therapy is the wave of the future of healthcare.  The great potential of Stem Cell Therapy coupled with its effectiveness makes this service life changing for his clients.

The Results:

The possibility of decreasing your pain, improving your range of motion, increasing your activity level, and moving without intense pain can sound too good to be true.  Yet, repeatedly, this is what patients talk about after getting our Stem Cell Therapy. And it could be right for you too! Our clients’ health and well being is always our #1 priority.  Because of this, we take the time to educate you about Stem Cell Therapy, the process and possibilities, as well as perform a physical exam and detailed history to be sure you are qualified for Stem Cell Therapy and will benefit from it.

Another benefit of Stem Cell Therapy at Red Tail Wellness is that we create a comprehensive care plan to give you the best results possible.  We know there is more to healing than just an injection. To bring the healing to the next level, we offer structural care to support muscle balancing and proper biomechanics to create a stronger foundation for the body to heal into.  Additionally, we offer adjunct therapies like cold laser and PeMF, that promote faster healing and better body function so you get the best results possible. Our goal is to help Let Your Health Soar!

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

Arthritic pain can be unbearable and the most common treatments for arthritis often do not work as well as most patients would like.